Scope of Care

Vermont Eye Surgery & Laser Center’s Scope of Care:

  • The Eye Surgery & Laser Center is a Joint Commission and Medicare Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center.
  • Our hours of Operation are Monday thru Thursday, 7:00 am – 4:30 pm.
  • The Eye Surgery Center performs elective surgical procedures to ambulatory patients in ASA Level one, two or three.

ASA  1. A Normal Healthy Patient

ASA  2. A Patient with a mild systemic disease

ASA  3. A Patient with severe system disease that limits activity but is not incapacitating

  • The Eye Surgical Procedures are performed by Ophthalmologist/Surgeons with credentialed privileges at The Eye Surgery Center and they are assisted by appropriately trained personnel.
  • An RN and MD will always be present whenever there is a patient in The Eye Surgery Center

Below are some of the more common surgical procedures performed by our Ophthalmologist/Surgeons at The Eye Surgery Center:

  • Cataract Extraction with IOL (Intraocular Lens) Implant
  • Corneal and Partial Corneal Transplant
  • Excision Pterygium with or without amniotic graft
  • i-Stent/intraocular microinvasive glaucoma surgery
  • Vitrectomy – anterior or posterior chamber
  • Excision of Chalazion
  • Trabeculectomy with or without Mitomycin C
  • Lacrimal Duct probing
  • Temporal Artery Biopsy
  • Blepharoplasty upper & lower lids
  • Brow Ptosis repair
  • Entropion / Ectropion repair
  • Conjunctival Mullerectomy
  • Canthoplasty
  • Tarsorraphy
  • Mullers Muscle Repair
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