Covid-19 Information

The top priority of The Eye Surgery Center is to ensure that the safety and security of our patients, caregivers, visitors, staff and providers is maintained at all times. 

Our goal is to provide a safe, COVID-19 free environment for everyone that enters the facility. We have implemented many new processes to ensure a safe environment at The Eye Surgery Center during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patient Safety Processes:

  • Everyone entering the facility is required to wear a mask. 
  • A new mask will be provided by the COVID-19 screener for each patient entering the clinic. Staff and providers are also required to don a new mask upon entering the clinic.
  • The patient will be greeted by a designated COVID-19 screener who will take their temperature and ask COVID-19 symptom related questions.
  • All staff and providers are screened each day for a temperature and COVID-19 symptoms immediately upon entering the clinic.
  • Hand hygiene is always a top priority for the staff and providers at The Eye Surgery Center. The patient will be asked numerous times to use our EPA approved hand sanitizer.
  • The Eye Surgery Center has adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We currently have all PPE necessary to safely care for patients, as well as the ability to provide our staff, surgeons and anesthesia providers with any additional PPE identified for COVID-19 precautions.
  • The waiting room and all staff areas have been reconfigured to observe social distancing guidelines. 
  • Visitors and drivers are not allowed into the facility at this time. We ask that all visitors and drivers please wait in their cars and the Post Anesthesia Recovery Team will call when the patient is ready for discharge.

Heightened Disinfection / Cleaning Processes:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting have increased in public and common areas. Frequently touched surfaces are disinfected multiple times each day. Magazines have been removed from the waiting room.
  • The Eye Surgery Center is diligent in observing our strict infection control practices which includes meticulous cleaning and sterilization of surgical instruments, disinfection of the operating rooms, and professional terminal cleaning at the end of each surgical day.
  • The cleaning products used at The Eye Surgery Center are EPA approved for the killing the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens.

We are committed to providing the highest level of healthcare for all of our patients.

We are excited that you have entrusted THE EYE SURGERY CENTER TEAM to care for you.

Please contact us with any questions – 802-861-3554 or

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